The MARETEC has a strand to provide services in the area of water quality monitoring doing work for various, public and private entities.


Consultancy to develop the river data and products management within EMODnet Physics including support for the definition of the data stucture, naming, flow, identification of the most relevant river outflow parameters, development of climatology and trends from insitu river data (historical) - seasonal and annual trends to highlight anomalies.


Reformulation of Hydro's wastewater treatment and discharge system and, where appropriate, reformulation of the factory's drainage system.


Development of a Water Quality and Volume Management Tool in Multiple Use Reservoirs: Lajes Reservoir

Provision of irrigation support services to increase irrigation efficiency

This service meets the objectives of Measure 7.5 in compensating farmers for the adoption of irrigation practices that ensure conditions for a more efficient and sustainable use of water resources. The farmer thus has access to annual monetary support, which is allocated per hectare of agricultural area irrigated with temporary crops, fresh fruits, nuts and olive groves, under a compromise, using localized sprinkler irrigation systems (micro sprinkling), or underground, during the commitment period, the level of support being degressive by area, differentiated according to the irrigant class (decreasing from A to B), and by crop group.

Guia Submarine Outfall Monitoring Program

Guia Submarine Outfall Monitoring Program for SANEST water utility. During the period 2000-2014, IST developed and implemented the environmental monitoring and modelling program of the effluent discharged into the sea via the Guia submarine outfall for the SANEST water utility.

Analysis of the impact of the discharge of effluents resulting from treatment of urban waste water in the marine environment on the island of Madeira


IrrigaSys aims to provide irrigation support services based on the use of hydrological models and meteorological data. Users can view the results in the form of soil water balance reports and in the form of mobile messages over the whole period with weather information.