The Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory looks to biology through the unifying lens of energetics. It provides a framework that takes into account the commonalities between organisms, and allows for links between different levels of biological organisation (cells, organisms and populations). All living organisms are covered in this single quantitative framework, the predictions of which are tested against a wide variety of experimental results. The theory is based on simple mechanistic rules that describe the inner processes such as assimilation, maintenance, growth, maturation and reproduction.
Its applications can be instantiated in different models depending on the problem/species tackled and can be used to address multiple questions, including the relationships of energetics with aging and effects of toxicants.

MARETEC researchers working on DEB: Tiago Domingos, Tânia Sousa, Gonçalo Marques and Carlos Teixeira.

MARETEC is a "node" in an international DEB network comprising experts in a wide range of fields (aquaculture, ecotoxicology, mathematics, economics, ecology and more). The DEBnodes comprising this network are: