Maretec addresses Environmental Systems through a comprehensive approach to water, soil and atmosphere. Geophysical Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena and Computational Fluid Dynamics provide the grounds to Ecological and Economic studies necessary to support Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Management.

Maretec was born as a Marine Environment and Technology Centre in 1992 and evolved in shape and size as a result of his own activities and of the evolution of the society itself. Wave energy branch evolved to an autonomous Research Centre (WAVEC) two spinoff companies were formed (Hidromod and Action Modulers) and new areas were created integrating new researchers, some from other Research Centre (e.g. from IN+). MARETEC is a member of LARSys inside IST and represents IST at IMAR a national network mostly interested on Marine Systems.

Modelling, Monitoring and Ecosystem Services Assessment are the main products to build solutions at local or regional scale for inland and marine systems.

Operational Atmospheric, Catchment and Marine Models are the providers of basic data and Environmental Managers, Water Utilities and Farmers are the main end-users.