With this initiative, it is intended to develop an innovative operational tool capable of assisting the management of hydro-irrigation uses in function of the multiple uses of water. A tool that optimizes turbine / dump discharge times is sought in order to reduce volumes discharged through emergency discharges and to ensure volumes that ensure different uses, in particular watering, while taking into account downstream ecological requirements.
As this is an easily replicable tool, it is hoped to improve the capacity of water managers to predict, in a rigorous, operational and real time, the volumes stored in the reservoirs and the different water needs in the basin and thus ensure a sustainable management of this resource. At the same time, the tool will also allow assessing the water quality in the reservoirs, as well as being able to alert the manager of the areas affected by possible floods caused by the dam discharges.
The main result will be the creation of a platform that supports the water manager of hydro-irrigation enterprises that provides real-time information and forecasts of the evolution of water inflows, needs, storage and water quality in reservoirs. This system will be fed through the information provided by the models implemented in forecast mode, the system being configured based on knowledge and data acquired locally.

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