DiadES aims at assessing and enhancing ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish in the Atlantic Area by creating innovative tools to ignite a transnational management approach under present and future climate conditions. DiadES is funded by the EU Interreg Atlantic Area programme of the European Regional Development Fund, with a total budget of 2.2 M€, and it will be implemented until 2022.

MARETEC/IST is partner of DiadES, and is involved in the economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish. In collaboration with INRAE, MARETEC leads the development of awareness raising tools for diadromous fish management and policy guidance for a long-term and large-scale management of diadromous fish and their associated ecosystem services.

The work at MARETEC/IST is carried out under the responsibility of Cristina Marta-Pedroso (cristina.marta@tecnico.ulisboa.pt).